Podcasts arrive on Amazon Music: follow us there too!

The Podcasts are more and more ubiquitous, and after Spotify has been pushing this format for months, only Amazon's replica was missing, which arrived just today. On Amazon Music you can now also listen to podcasts, available at this self-explanatory address: https://music.amazon.com/podcasts.

From there you can subscribe to all the podcasts you love or consult the most listened to in the various categories, but above all don't forget to follow the five o'clock tech, our daily strip, from Monday to Friday , where we talk about technology and more (you can also find us on Twitch and YouTube).

It is not necessary to be a subscriber to Prime to listen to podcasts, you just need to be an Amazon user, that is to have an account registered on the store. In other words: it's all completely free, as is the DNA of podcasts. Happy listening!