Razer Pro Type review, the business suit does not completely hide the warrior soul

Compendium of Razer Pro Click, Razer mouse with a business soul, this new Razer Pro Type is also a keyboard that works more in the office, between Word, Excel and Photoshop compared to the lands of League of Legends or those of Overwatch. Razer's over-the-top care can be seen right away, on a keyboard that would look great next to a Mac, were it not for some extra attention.

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  • Razer Pro Type, the review

    For the office, no doubt

    Out of the cardboard box, we find the Razer Pro Type, a white fabric USB-A / USB-C cable, usable for recharging the internal battery but also for connecting an external disk, if necessary (interesting factor ).

    A small instruction booklet accompanies the preliminary phases for connection, the basic functions and the elementary use of the keyboard. The model we tested had an American layout, which we hardly got used to since our language is full of accents, practically absent in Anglo-Saxon languages.

    Recensione Razer Pro Type Recensione Razer Pro Type Recensione Razer Pro Type Recensione Razer Pro Type Recensione Razer Pro Type Recensione Razer Pro Type

    White and Orange, but hidden

    The keyboard is composed of a white porous rigid plastic base, with a considerable weight (it is absolutely not made to be transported, for that there is the Huntsman Mini model), which is headed by a slightly satin-finished metal panel with serigraphs. Basic. Above, there are the keys: for this model the Orange keys of Razer were chosen, less “noisy” than other models, and lighter to press, even if we remember it is a mechanical keyboard, therefore with an important excursion) .

    Also in the upper part, there are three white LEDs that indicate both the caps lock and the device to which the keyboard is combined. In the lower part, on the other hand, we find the rubber feet for resting on the desk, viscous to prevent the keyboard from slipping during typing, two additional feet for tilting, double height.

    Also in the lower part is the USB-A dongle for wireless connection while on the side there is the USB-C connector for charging and the connection selection button.

    Recensione Razer Pro Type A small anatomical view of the keyboard, showing Razer's orange keys

    Two is better than one

    The Razer Pro Type has dual connections: Bluetooth and Wireless. Attention, we have said double, not triple, because the cable is only used to power the keyboard, not to transform it into a wired keyboard.

    The connector decides which type of connection, between 2.4 Ghz Wireless and Bluetooth. Since it is a keyboard, and not a mouse or other high-traffic device, basically the type of connection does not differ in the results, except for the fact that in Bluetooth the keyboard consumes a little less.

    On Mac, and only here (on Windows both perfect), the Bluetooth connection was the best: as opposed to the Pro Click mouse, where Bluetooth did not work, here the Wi-Fi showed some flaws, with unstable connections, while via Bluetooth all smooth.

    Recensione Razer Pro Type Here the Business soul emerges, together with the Pro Click mouse

    The battery is in fact given for 12 hours with the light on and eighty with the light off: here, however, we need to make an important distinction. By hours we mean operating hours, not standby hours, where the keyboard switches off by itself after a few seconds in which there is no activity.

    The brightness of only one color, white, which accompanies the bottom part of each key and the graphics of the same. However, the battery is not relevant if we leave the cable connected, which we remember is used together for recharging: that said, the battery is strongly influenced by the power of the keyboard and clearly below the average of the sector to which it is aimed.

    Recensione Razer Pro Type

    How does it work

    The Razer Pro Type works, pairs, changes devices and adjusts the main options (such as light and connection) in complete autonomy. Nevertheless, the presence of Synapse 3.0 drivers increases its versatility with further customizations, especially on the functionality of each key.

    Like all Razer products, the keyboard works well with Mac (even in Bluetooth) but better with Windows, both for the layout typically from a PC and for the presence of Synapse, which however is not mandatory here.

    Beware, however, that being a mechanical keyboard, the business user who chooses it must know what it is, a crisp, important and fun, noisy and very robust product, but which occupies a very different space on the desk, both as an image and as use, by the average of products for the business.

    Recensione Razer Pro Type Synapse drivers, Windows only Recensione Razer Pro Type Recensione Razer Pro Type


    Considering the functions, the quality of the materials used, the lighting (not to be taken for granted), the double interface and, on Windows, the quality of Synapse, we can say that it is a Premium product, intended for users with a refined palate. .

    The price, 150 Euros, defines the product in this range correctly, even if the Razer brand offers it that rebellious charm that other competitors do not have. From a Mac perspective we see the product as interesting (just remember to put your thumb on the right button) but for alternative users, given that the standard in the Apple world, the Apple Magic Keyboard, is radically different and changing is not easy (but it could really become fun).

    Recensione Razer Pro Type Recensione Razer Pro Type Recensione Razer Pro Type


    • Flawless construction • Pairs with multiple devices • Dual connection plus USB-C charging • Works well on Mac too (but only Bluetooth)


    • Despite the Premium range, the price remains higher • The flush operation is missing • USA layout


    • 149.99 Euro

    Razer Pro Click is currently only available on the Razer website.