Registry, the correction of personal data is requested online

Making corrections to your personal data sheet was anything but simple. Things have changed since 24 June. Technology meets citizens and the process changes face. To facilitate the modification of personal data, reference can be made to the portal of the National Resident Population Registry (ANPR). The corrections are requested from the web and are sent to the competent body responsible.

The correction of personal data in the past

Until a few days ago, depending on the error on the personal data sheet, there were various procedures and different offices to refer to for your request. If the change in question concerned typos or inaccuracies (relating to name and surname, date and place of birth, marital status and residence) of your data, you had to contact the Municipality of residence directly, by going to in person. In the event that one had to deal with grammatical inaccuracies , the result of distractions, then the correction was up to the registrar. For errors of any other nature, one had to contact the competent judicial authority of one's own territory (as established by the Decree of the President of the Republic 03/11/2000, n. 396, art. 95 and 98).

The portal of the National Resident Population Registry

Apart from the confusion generated by the different competent bodies according to the request, the main problem was undoubtedly the timing of resolution. The management of the procedures for changing the personal data sheet now passes through the network. The website of the National Resident Population Registry presents the new Data correction service . To use it, citizens must log in to the reserved area of ​​the ANPR. Three methods are available: with the Electronic Identity Card (CIE), with the National Services Card (CNS) and with the Public Digital Identity System (SPID). Once the authentication has been carried out, access to the page Services to the citizen , directly in the section Desk . From Visura , however, you can check the data recorded on your personal data sheet. In case of inconsistencies it will be necessary to proceed by clicking on the third section, the already mentioned Data correction .

Change your personal data

Requesting the modification of your data is extremely simple. Once you have identified your personal data sheet, you will find next to all the fields with the information the possibility of Modification . With a click on the pencil icon you can proceed with the correction. The ANPR portal also allows you to upload files to prove the actual error between your personal data registered online. The files in question will remain in memory on the registry platform only until the procedure is completed. Integrating or making changes to personal data directly from the network will significantly reduce management time. On the ANPR portal it is also possible to check the progress of your request at any time. It is even possible to activate the notifications to be informed step by step on its processing.

The Italian municipalities and the ANPR platform

On the other hand, the Municipalities have a management system through which they receive all requests for corrections or additions and then proceed to update the internal database of the National Resident Population Registry. In addition to the portal, they have a app available to monitor citizens' requests and through which it is possible to manage changes or reject them if inadequate. The portal allows registered municipalities to interact with other public administrations. The ultimate goal is to generate a homogeneous flow of data, avoiding human errors as much as possible and protecting the privacy and the rights of the individual citizen. The ANPR includes the Registry of Italians residing abroad (AIRE), which has about 5 million and 500 thousand people. The project of the Ministry of the Interior should be completed in the course of 2021, with the registration of the missing municipalities (about 240).

The project and objectives

The National Resident Population Registry is the national database designed to simplify and standardize citizens' requests and continue on the path of digitalisation of services . The pilot project started in October 2016 . Bagnacavallo (in the province of Ravenna) was the first municipality to send its data to the online portal. With the grouping of all the Italian municipalities, the aim is to be the national reference source. They will thus be able to offer digital assistance and carry out procedures more effectively and quickly, guaranteeing high safety standards.