Revenue Agency, at the start of the counter service in videocall: how to book it

Revenue Agency, at the start of the counter service in videocall: how to book it


Even the Revenue Agency becomes more interactive and “digital” to get closer to citizens and provide a virtual assistance service. In fact, the video call service has been active since the beginning of March to communicate “live” with officials and receive assistance on various topics.

The video call service of the Revenue Agency allows you to request information and specialized assistance on refunds, tax returns, rental contracts and also to request a duplicate health card with a simple videocall directly from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

This new contact channel, which joins the existing telematic services, aims to guarantee digital rights, allowing citizens to save waiting time at counters and physical offices, and at the same time to have a direct dialogue with an expert. financial administration.

“With the new video call service it is now possible to book an appointment online and talk to an official of the Revenue Agency directly from home or from where you are – confirmed Ernesto Maria Ruffini , director of the Revenue Agency – It will therefore no longer be necessary to go in person to a counter or queue. Communicating with the taxman becomes easier and compatible with the commitments of daily life: a concrete simplification to meet the needs of citizens “.

With the video call service it is possible to book an appointment with the Agency officials and receive remote assistance for:

  • register a rental contract
  • submit the declaration of succession
  • obtain assistance on declarations and refunds
  • request a duplicate health card

To make a video call with a revenue officer, just use the booking service active both on the Agency website (Home
– Contacts and assistance – Book an appointment) and on the “Agenzia Entrate” App.

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At that point it is necessary to select the topic of interest and choose the date and time . The request for an appointment can be addressed both to one's own office of reference (by residence, registered office or registered office of a deed) and to the one in charge of the file to be processed.

In this first phase there are three options available to citizens:

  • “Acts and successions “(Register area);
  • ” Declarations and refunds “(Direct taxes area);
  • “Tax code and duplicate health card” (Identification area).

The office will also be able to offer the taxpayer an appointment via video call, if it is useful to close a file in a simpler and faster way (for example for further information following the presentation of some requests).

The videocalls will be held on the platforms indicated in the Information on the processing of personal data provided by the Agency, which guarantee
compliance with the 2016 EU Regulation. / 679 and comply with the security requirements of the Revenue. The processing of personal data will always take place on the basis of the principles of lawfulness and correctness and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

Furthermore, to protect the privacy of all the people involved, the Revenue Agency undertakes not to make any video or audio recordings and not to acquire images during the connection and asks the user of the service to do the same. The acceptance of the conditions of the service is a necessary condition to proceed with the video call.

At this stage, any documents to be shared can be sent via email . It is important that during the videocall the user has all the necessary documentation available for the provision of the requested service.

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The video call service further expands the assistance by appointment introduced by the Revenue Agency in recent months for those who do not have the possibility to use the telematic services , taking advantage of the new possibilities offered by technology.

According to the data in the possession of the Agency, moreover, taxpayers are increasingly choosing the web as a method of communication, where the same services as the counter are guaranteed but with the advantage of being able to receive them in any place you are, without queues or waiting.

The pandemic of covid-19, and all the restrictions imposed on travel and contacts, obviously gave the push to the digital turnaround. For the entire duration of the health emergency, the Revenue Agency has in fact simplified the procedures to request, also by e-mail or certified e-mail, some services that are normally provided at the counters of the territorial offices, and thus meet the needs of citizens. An experience that anticipated the entry into force of the videocall service.

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