Sky WiFi presses on the accelerator and aims to cover the white areas (photo)

Launched in June 2020 in 26 cities, Sky Wifi has already reached more than 2,000 Italian municipalities and within the year it will also be extended to the so-called “white areas” wired by Open Fiber , thus expanding coverage to over 60% of Italian households.

Sky Wifi is progressively reaching the whole Italian territory and, just one year after launch, has also obtained an important recognition from the German Institute of Quality and Finance , which ranked it as the home internet service operator with the best value for money 2021 .

The 60% of users who have chosen Sky Wifi reported that, compared to their previous provider, the service has a much higher performance. The traffic generated by Sky Wifi users in the first quarter of 2021 is in fact 16 GB per day , used on an average of 9 devices per family: clearly values higher than the average recorded on Italian broadband lines, settled at around 7.50 GB of daily traffic.

Precisely in light of the new work and domestic habits, Sky Wifi will continue to improve and expand its coverage to respond more and more to the growing demand for high-performance connectivity. If you are interested in Sky WiFi offers you can check the coverage of the service through this link.