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Sonos' next product leaks shortly after its last event

A few days ago, Sonos released the Sonos Ray, a cheaper sound bar with which to conquer those users who have not yet opted for dedicated sound equipment for their homes. However, this seems not to be the only novelty that the company has been working on in recent months. The Verge has released this week the first image of what could be its next release: the Sub mini.

What is Submini? Well, as its name suggests, a smaller version –and probably also cheaper– of the Sub, the subwoofer that the American brand has been selling for years to enrich the user experience of your home sound systems.

The Sub, remember, costs 849 euros. A figure to which it is necessary to add, obviously, the cost of other Sonos products – such as an Arc or a Beam. Because let's remember that the Sub is an auxiliary product, not the main one. Therefore, having a Sonos system with a Sub means spending more than 1,000 euros, yes or yes.

Render of the Sonos Sub mini. Image: TheVerge. The idea of ​​this Sub mini, in principle, would be to lower that barrier. A strategy similar to the one we have seen with Sonos Ray, which brings the benefits of the company's sound bar closer together. It would also take up less physical space.

According to The Verge, the code name of this product is S37, a nomenclature that matches that of the Sonos Ray, known internally as S36.

Sonos Sub Mini wants to be the perfect complement for the brand's sound bars

And what's the point of adding a product like the Sub mini to a Sonos sound bar? First of all, you get a better experience with the lower frequencies because you have a component designed specifically for them. But, in addition, Sonos soundbars intelligently adapt their sound when a Sub is present in the same room, so the overall experience improves significantly.

Connecting a Sub mini to, say, a Sonos Beam could dramatically improve the system experience. And that the Beam offers a very good experience in itself, as I detailed in its review.

The Verge, for the moment, has not revealed more details about the price or the exact features of it. It only confirms the commercial name and its external appearance through a 3D rendering based on information that they have known first-hand. Nor is it known when this product could see the light of day, although rumors about it have certainly been circulating for several months.