Spotify podcast search has really gotten better, it's not just an impression

Spotify has been a global platform for the multimedia sector for years and has also been hosting podcasts with a dedicated section for some time. Precisely in this context an interesting novelty was presented .

The news just presented by Spotify is all for the benefit of subscribers to the service who are passionate about podcasts. We are talking about a new search algorithm based on deep l earning , a particular branch del machine learning . This makes possible a more effective search, based on the theory called Natural Language Search , for which the search results can be most relevant to the terms entered in the input.

This type of search makes it possible to search results for podcasts that have titles that perhaps do not include the exact search terms . The algorithm is based on a complex semantic analysis, which compares search terms with paraphrases , synonyms and constructs similar logics.

The end result is a much more effective search for podcasts, proposing results consistent with the topic of the search terms entered. The novelty is the result of Spotify's new investments in the machine learning sector for the podcast sector.

Street: XDA
Source: Spotify