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Starlink in Italy is faster than fixed broadband

Ookla , the company behind the famous that anyone who has used at least once in their life to measure the speed of their network, has published a interesting analysis on Starlink globally. The satellite internet service of Elon Musk in fact exceeded on average, during the autumn 2021, 100 Mbit / s in download , in over 15 countries. And in Italy?

As you can see, Starlink's situation in Italy looks pretty rosy. The SpaceX service has in fact an average download speed of 124.39 Mbit / s , exceeding the average of broadband connections in Italy, which is of only 49.56 Mbit / s .

Obviously this last number takes into account connections that are very heterogeneous between them, mixing any ADSL with an ultra-fast FTTH fiber; it is therefore not surprising that the average is close to 50 Mbit / s, precisely because it takes into account very different realities.

The upload speed , whether it is Starlink or landline, on the other hand, seems perfectly comparable, and is around a measly 18-19 Mbit / s . In fact, we remind you that, even among fiber connections, there are not many that go beyond 100 Mbit / s in upload, therefore it is clear that this value would have been significantly lower than that in download.

Finally the latency . Here Starlink feels the blow: 52 ms for Musk's service, against 14 ms for the average of broadband networks. For the average user browsing and streaming movies, this is a minor difference; for those who want to play online or use real-time services, then the situation changes. And precisely the improvement of latency, even more than downstream / upstream speeds, will be one of the hardest obstacles to overcome for Starlink, given the very nature of the service.

In any case, especially for those who are in places not reached by other types of fast connections, the advent of Starlink is an excellent panacea , and as you can see it will not make you regret a connection too much. wired, in most cases. If you are interested in the global analysis carried out by Ookla, you can find it in the link to the source below.

Source: Ookla