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Success for Italian music: in 2021 sales abroad almost doubled

Italian music , in 2021 , was more appreciated abroad: in fact, an increase of 66% in revenue was recorded from royalties (for a total of 20 million euros, 9 more compared to 2020 ). To reveal the data Deloitte is the Fimi ( Italian Federation of the Italian Music Industry), which highlighted the strategic role in this growth played by digital revenues (increased by 83%). In any case, the revenues from CDs and vinyls also increased, which marked a + 100% compared to 2020. In any case, between the physical market , digital, synchronization rights and related rights, the Italian record industry earned 19.1 million euros , a record result.

Among the reasons for this increase, certainly the success of the Italian band of Måneskin , who have climbed the charts all over the world. At the same time, strong investments were made in the local repertoire and the proof of this is that the end-of-year charts – both albums and singles – were dominated by Italian artists.

Furthermore, according to the 2021 data Ifpi , the time spent listening to music has also increased: people, in fact, spend an average of 19.1 hours per week listening to songs (in 2019 the average stopped at 16.3 hours). The time spent listening to music through subscription streaming increased by 100%.

Finally, in Italy, 70% of the time spent on short video apps is invested on content that is strictly dependent on music (such as dance challenges or dubbing). More than 26% of people, by the way, said they watched at least one live streaming music event.

Street: CorCom