Surfshark VPN Review: for only € 2 per month, no limit to streaming and browsing safely

For some time now we have been hearing more and more about VPN, an acronym for virtual private network. It is an application that, among other things, allows you to encrypt Internet traffic and protect the user's identity online.

In other words, with a VPN you can securely access the web, as well as apps and online platforms, simulating connections from different parts of the world and gaining access to content that would otherwise be geographically inaccessible. All at a bomb price, only 2 euros per month, practically the cost of 2 coffees.

We tried Surfshark, and here are our impressions.


First of all, a few numbers. Surfshark is one of the VPNs that has had a much higher growth rate than its competitors in recent years. Probably for the value for money, and for the features it offers.

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Among the strengths of this VPN is the price, which turns out to be among the lowest compared to the most popular competitors. Not only that, but Surfshark allows unlimited simultaneous connections: this means being able to install the app on mobile and desktop devices, and connect simultaneously from different devices with a single account.

It is, therefore, an ideal solution for large families, and for those who need to use the app on different devices.

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In addition to the main functionality, which is to be able to access the web in a totally secure way, creating connections from different countries, Surfshark offers a series of useful and advanced features.

Among these is the Kill Switch function, which allows, in the event that the VPN should suddenly stop, to disconnect the user from the internet, so as not to remain exposed to risks.

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Again, the MultiHop function, not present in all other VPNs available on the market. This is a function that makes the browsing session even safer, because it allows you to simulate a connection from different countries, rather than just one, so as to be even more secure.

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With the Whitelister function, however, the user can choose which applications or URLs to use bypassing the VPN, therefore with a traditional connection, and which ones to use only and only with the VPN.

How Surfshark works and why use a VPN

Let's move on to the function that most interests, the one for which a user chooses to buy a VPN.

First of all with Surfshark the user will have the possibility to access the web in a totally secure way: for example if you travel often and connect through public or private Wi-Fi networks around the world, the use of a VPN will guarantee you a extra security level.

In addition, your privacy level will also be higher, considering that the VPN does not allow you to track your online activities accurately. If we also add the malware, spyware and advertising blocking features, the attention to privacy will be decidedly high.

Finally, the presence of a VPN allows you to simulate the connection from different countries, so as to be able to access, for example, the geolocated catalogs of video streaming platforms.

Yes, with Surfshark you can watch, for example, the entire US Netflix catalog, and that of 14 other countries, naturally remaining within the Italian territory.

Added to this is the possibility of accessing exclusive services of the territory, for example we can mention Hulu or HBO Max, streaming services that can be accessed (without VPN) only from the US territory.

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Surfshark is available for most mobile and desktop platforms. It is possible to download the client for Windows, Mac, as well as the app for Fire TV, Android and iOS devices.

The smart DNS function is also available, which allows you to take advantage of the features of Surfshark even if the native application is not available.

Although the interface of the different applications differs slightly from each other, to better adapt to the platform in use, the features and services offered are identical on any device that is run.

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No technical knowledge is required to use the standard Surfshark application, and in most cases a single click will be enough to activate the private and secure connection. In fact, by starting the app, whatever the device in use, it will be sufficient to click on the “connect” button to connect to a VPN.

In this way the application will almost always choose the fastest server to connect to, but it is also possible that the “connect” button is instead always connected to the server of the nearest country.

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While this is the fastest way to connect to a VPN, in many cases it will be better to choose the server yourself. This is because, by letting Surfshark choose the fastest server, or the closest one, it is easy for the VPN to be created from Italy.

Although it is still a secure connection, this will not allow you, for example, to access geo-located movie and TV series catalogs.

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And then, to choose a different country from which to connect, simply access the “Positions” tab and choose from the countries of interest.

Moreover, after choosing a country for the connection, this will be added to the home screen just below the connect button, so that from subsequent accesses it will be possible to access the previously selected country with just one click.

It is also possible to insert a country in the favorites list, to always have it on the first screen, and to be able to access it with just one click.

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While using Surfshark we have noticed some differences with other VPNs used previously. First of all, greater reliability.

In some cases, especially with access to regions such as Brazil and Germany, the VPN seems to operate at 100%, having allowed us access to certain sites and platforms that needed these particular geographical areas, while with other VPNs the home pages of the respective sites have often returned us an error.

Furthermore, we have noticed, test speed in hand, that Surfshark ensures in almost all cases, higher speeds and lower ping.

Furthermore, by activating the VPN on a smartphone we were able to cast platforms such as YouTube to a Chromecast: usually, with other VPNs, when the mobile device operates under a VPN, it is not possible to send the video to a Chromecast on the same WiFi network. , but without VPN.

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Surfshark prices

Right now the most convenient way to access Surfshark is to pay 50.16 euros for 24 months. Doing a quick calculation, this is just € 2.09 per month. Click here to start browsing safely.