Swiftkey now syncs the clipboard with Windows

Swiftkey, the Microsoft-owned android keyboard, will receive an update on the beta channel, with a new feature that will allow you to synchronize your Android smartphone's notes with a Windows PC.

As mentioned, the feature is available in the latest Swiftkey beta update. After installing the version in question, just go to the app settings, tap “Rich input” and select the “Clipboard” option. In the following window, you need to enable the option “Synchronize clipboard history to the cloud”.


Once done, go to the settings of your Windows 10 PC and to the Clipboard section, to activate the “Clipboard history” and “Synchronize between devices” options. After following all the steps, the clipboard history of your smartphone will be visible on the Windows 10 PC and vice versa.


The “Cloud Clipboard” feature will keep clipboard history for only one hour and only show the latest copy on the forecast bar in the Swiftkey app. It is also important to remember that all clipboard data will be encrypted and will not be linked to your Microsoft account.