Telegram reinforces its commitment to direct in its new update

The new update of Telegram, available from today for mobile and desktop versions, comes loaded with interesting news. Among them, we will have the possibility to see our downloads thanks to the integration of a manager. Likewise, the messaging application reinforces its presence in live transmissions. However, although these are the two main novelties, does not mean that they are the only ones.

Let's go in order. The integration of a download manager in Telegram was something that was going to happen eventually. In fact, it has been one of the biggest requests from those who regularly use the app, since it not only works as an instant messaging service; but, in addition, many users in the world use it to download documents and multimedia content of all kinds. This feature now makes downloading contentmuch easier to manage.

Thanks to the new button located to the right of the search bar, we can access the download manager. In it, we will see all the files that are currently being downloaded to our device, as well as those that have already been downloaded. The new tool will offer buttons pause and resume for the transfer.

The streaming reaches the application

Like the download manager, Telegram has also added the option to broadcast live. This is a big surprise as now you can watch and share anything from gaming to political talk.

To make this work, Telegram added integration with OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster. With compatibility for both services, Telegram ensures that content creators will be able to send their live streams to Telegram's unlimited audience; and the best thing is that they will be able to do it with the best possible quality.

With this update, you can stream from streaming tools like OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcaster, so you can add multi-screen layouts and overlays with ease, turning any Telegram channel into a professional TV station.

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Other Telegram news

We have already told you about the two main novelties that have landed on Telegram during this Friday's update. Fortunately, they are not the only ones, because the development team has added many more options to the application.

New ways of attaching content: one of Telegram's novelties is a redesign in the way of attaching content. Now, the application will allow you to organize the files before sending them to your contacts; easily creating photo albums within the app itself.”Redesign” on Android: Telegram has redesigned part of its interface on Android. This new change is inspired by the version of the app for iOS, and adds an interface with a translucent effect with which we can see everything that is under certain menus.New animations: the developers have also added new animations to the Telegram registration and login process. Of course, if you already have a session started, you will not be able to enjoy them; but the next time you do it you will be able to see them.Improvement in pages: the personal pages of Telegram have been improved. Now, they have changed their design when we access a web link. Likewise, we can create a simple form so that others can contact us using a link with our phone number without having to add us to their address book first.