Telegram Web is ready to renew itself: two new official web apps are available (photo)

Telegram Web allows you to use the popular messaging service through the browser . This is very useful if the official app is not compatible with the operating system in use (see ChromeOS ). Unfortunately the current web page does not allow you to use all the Telegram functions and is also far behind graphically .

On the official website of Telegram, more precisely in the page that collects the various clients for all platforms, two new links to the web version of the app have appeared . These, called WebZ and WebK , are both fully functional and differ from each other for some functions and for the graphic aspect: while the WebZ graphics are more “modern” and minimal , WebK offers notification support, not present in the other version . Both are also installable as PWA via Google Chrome and are “responsive”, so they adapt to any screen size.

Obviously we are still far from the experience you have with the desktop client : it lacks support for both audio and video calls, as well as keyboard shortcuts. It is not yet clear why Telegram has created two different versions of the web app: it could be an “internal competition”, given that the two pages are managed by different development teams . In case you want to take a look at these new web apps, you can reach them at the pages or .