Telegram will soon become Twitch too

After having just become a Clubhouse

We know that if there is a multifaceted and constantly evolving software that is definitely Telegram . After becoming a cross-platform version of Clubhouse a few hours ago, now the application seems ready, within a few months, to evolve again.

It is the founder Pavel Durov who unveils this news on his Telegram channel:

With today's update, we're giving every Telegram user the power to run their own radio station (later this Spring: TV station) without adding any complexity to our apps.

a web radio station later in the spring Telegram will also become a television station, thus competing directly with Twitch , which to date is certainly the most televised platform on the web.

There is still no detail on how the broadcast will work in broadcast live video, but if the idea is that of TV it is likely that it can become a service io of public streaming in channels and groups, with the optional possibility of recording the content (as happens from today with the audio).

What do you think of these news? Telegram is getting bigger and bigger: is it good or bad?