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The best websites and apps for children to learn typing while they play

Whether with two, five or ten fingers, we all write with a keyboard. Physical or virtual. Smartphones, computers, tablets… Typing today is an activity that is sometimes much more frequent than writing by hand. And to know where each key is without looking and to type at full speed without making mistakes, you need to practice and learn typing. Your age doesn't matter. There is typing for children and for adults.

Typing is the art of typing on the keyboard. His goal is for you to write as fast as possible. And without failures. To do this, it uses repetition exercises, recommendations on where to place each finger of the hand, etc. Whether you are a child or an adult, it is never too late to learn to type fast by looking at the screen instead of looking at the keys.

And so that the smallest of the houses start off on the right foot, we propose a selection of activities and typing games for children. A compendium of courses and practices so that at any age we learn to place our fingers on their corresponding keys and know how to type them without looking. There are for all tastes, some more focused on learning and others more playful and fun. Combined, they will make your child an expert.


If we talk about fast typing, it is inevitable that we use the simile of car racing to learn typing. TypeRacer is precisely a typing game for children that “plays” with car races to learn to type at full speed. The grace is that you don't play alone. You have rivals to compete against.

It is available in several languages, including English, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese or Galician. The game is free, it is played from the browser and basically consists of typing the letters or words that appear on the screen as quickly as possible. As you type them correctly, your car will move faster or slower.

As a complement, in TypeRacer you have at your disposal other exercises to practice alone. In TypeRacer Universes you will find specific material to practice typing with words in various languages, jokes or anime words. Although it is not mandatory, you can register for free to save your results when playing.


With a more sober style but with the same purpose, Velocidactil is another typing game for kids where speed is everything. And it is about writing words as fast as possible. No mistake, of course. To achieve your purpose you can play against other opponents to see who writes a randomly selected text faster. It's free, works in the browser and doesn't require registration, which is optional.

Or if you prefer, you can practice with individual texts and activities. It is available in Spanish, English, Catalan, Galician and other languages. And for adults, you can practice typing using legal texts or current news.


If you are looking for a combination of a game and an online typing course for children, Ratatype is an original and fun way to learn from scratch. That is, starting with the basic keys and going up in difficulty through exercises and tests. The only requirement is that you register. It's free and the process is fast.

Once up and running, you will be able to learn typing in Spanish with the usual keyboard. For the little ones, you can activate the game mode, which wraps the activities and practices with a fun environment inspired by Pac-Man or Pac-Man.

As an incentive, Ratatype offers an explanatory section for all ages that summarizes and clearly explains the correct position in front of the computer, how to position the fingers for each key and some tips for day-to-day use. And in Keyboards you will find typing courses in other languages ​​(English, French, Italian, German, Ukrainian and Russian) using other keyboards beyond our Qwerty, such as Azerty or Dvorak.


Learn, practice and, in the end, play. TypingClub offers a balanced combination of learning and typing game for kids. Free, online and available in Spanish (from Spain and Latin America), among other languages ​​that you can choose at any time.

The course offered by this page is divided into modules that can be exercises that combine theory with practice. We start from scratch, so the first modules may seem excessively simple for the older ones. After each exercise there is a scoring practice and, finally, a game to have fun while you practice what you have already learned.

By default, TypingClub is free, although it has additional content available for those who register for the paid version.


Although it's in English, anyone can have a great time playing TypingGames, a compilation of typing games, some more fun than educational. The good thing is that they are not based on Flash and they work fine in current browsers.

Car racing, building a tower with boxes, destroying meteorites or fighting ghosts are some of the proposals designed to learn typing or to directly have fun with the excuse of learning where each key is. The games are very simple although they include instructions.

When you get tired of games or if you want to take it more seriously, on the page itself there are links to other activities to learn typing with a more or less playful component such as TypeTastic or Typing Trainer.