The EU squeeze on Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft should be imminent

The European Commission, by March, aims to finalize an agreement with the countries of the European Union to issue new rules in order to rebalance the balance of power with Google, Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Alphabet and Microsoft.

According to the Vice-President of the Commission, responsible for Competition, Margrethe Vestager , progress has been made: “We now aim to reach a political agreement by the end of March. If we succeed, that will be legislation almost at the speed of light “. Vestager itself, among other things, already proposed the “Digital Markets Act” a year ago, that is a regulatory act that aimed to issue clear rules for the US technology giants.

Among the most important issues to be solved, the obligations for online gatekeepers – the companies that control data and access to their platforms – and the level of turnover which defines which companies will be covered by the DMA.

Via: Reuters