The Facebook News Feed is updated: greater control of the content displayed for users

Facebook has just announced a new update for its News Feed , that is the bulletin board that shows all the various posts coming from followed pages or profiles, which arises the goal of to provide more control over what appears to users .

The first change concerns a new option that allows you to specify who can comment on a post , choosing from the items Public , which allows anyone to write a comment, Friends or Profiles and Pages mentioned , both items quite explanatory. According to the company, this new possibility has been added to try to counter hate messages , especially for pages related to famous people.

The second novelty is the screen Favorites : not to be confused with the already present function that allows to save posts, this feature offers the possibility to select up to a maximum of 30 profiles, whose posts will be displayed at the top of the News Feed . To change from the standard view to the Favorites view, on Android simply select the appropriate tab in the top bar, while on iOS the function will arrive in the next few weeks .

Finally, when posts from pages or groups not yet followed are recommended , it will be possible to understand according to which criteria these are shown in the News Feed : this screen it will be accessible by clicking on the post settings, from the button with the three dots located at the top right. These features should have already been released, but it may take a few days to see them available to everyone.