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The Government is working on “fiscal cashback” through the IO app

The Parliamentary Commission for the supervision of the Tax Registry has launched a proposal on “fiscal cashback” , i.e. the possibility of crediting the current account with tax deductions – untying them from your tax return – through the IO app. The mechanism would be the same as the cashback we have already known. Furthermore, it would also be applicable to incapable subjects in such a way as to bring out the “black”.

The document, among other things, includes a rule for the establishment of a centralized database for anti-money laundering purposes, in which the data of all notarial deeds converge. This would allow to overcome the current fragmentation of information and to identify more effectively the operations aimed at laundering illicit proceeds such as, for example, the stipulation of an anomalous number of deeds of incorporation by a single subject and with different notaries “.

The proposal was presented to the Chamber of Deputies by the President of the Commission Ugo Parolo ( Lega ) and by the members of the Bicameral: the deputy Carlo Giacometto ( Fi ) and the senators Andrea de Bertoldi ( FdI ) and Emiliano Fenu ( M5s ).

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