The new Mesh Wi-Fi 2 set is presented by devolo, for highly stable connections (photo)

A new kit Mesh Wi-Fi 2 was recently presented by devolo , the German company that with this latest solution wanted to combine the Mesh Wi- Fi and technology to generate a transmission that guides the signal through walls and ceilings, making the Wi-Fi connection efficient and available in every room.

The kit consists of two or three adapters Wi-Fi Mesh – Starter Kit the first and Multiroom Kit the second – capable of providing network coverage homogeneous throughout the house, so as to be able to make definitive deactivation of the Wi-Fi function on your router. This is to be considered a great innovation, especially for users who have an old router, as it allows them to benefit from the latest Mesh functions without having to replace it with a new one.

The Mesh Wi-Fi 2 system manages in a simple way all wireless data transmission, thus providing the home network with a real-time update. The three-band system transmits in the 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies and also uses (the currently fastest Powerline standard) as the primary route for stable data transfer via the mains power supply in the house. The latter is also highly protected thanks to WPA3.

Furthermore, through the Access Point Steering system, the devolo system guides the devices to the hotspots in total safety, ensuring the best possible connection for each device. In this way, the playback of videos streamed online always remains stable and video calls are not interrupted. Thanks to the Beamforming , devolo Access Points can transmit data to the devices with even greater precision, further optimizing the connection quality. By taking advantage of the Fast Roaming , the devices can quickly change the hotspot.

Finally, another technology to report is the “Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output”, abbreviated MU-MIMO , which allows devices to simultaneously receive optimal Wi-Fi connections that guarantee more activities at the same time.

Exit and price

Mesh WiFi 2 is available on Amazon in two variants:

  • the Starter Kit, with two adapters, at the price of € 249.90
  • the Multiroom Kit, with three adapters for those who need the coverage of larger living spaces, at the price of € 369.90

All devices are fully compatible with devolo Magic series products and with all routers. devolo offers a 3-year manufacturer's warranty on all products.