The new optical fiber record in Japan looks to 6G and beyond

The optical fiber currently represents the most suitable means to transmit the information that makes up the internet around the world, and allows to reach very fast transfer speeds elevated .

Precisely in this context, the new speed record for data transfer over optical fiber has arrived. The result was achieved in Japan , where researchers from Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT) achieved threshold of 319 Tbps , which doubles almost the previous record reached last year.

The value achieved in Japan is clearly a far cry from the best home networks we currently have and has been achieved by updating step by step all the cornerstones of the infrastructure used for last year's record. Technically, the researchers used a spiral type fiber to transmit the data, at the speed mentioned above, for a simulated distance equal to approximately 3,000 km , without experiencing any loss of signal quality.

Such a type of fiber, capable of supporting speeds of the order of hundreds of terabytes per second , could certainly be compatible with subsequent generations to 5G , that is with the 6G and those that will still come later.