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The new TweetDeck could be paid and exclusive to Twitter Blue

The plans that Twitter has for TweetDeck continue to generate both interest and uncertainty. The most recent findings of the renowned analyst Jane Manchun Wong once again feed the theory that the next version of the social network client, which will come with a strong renovation, would be of payment. But not only that, since the rumor has also been revived that could become an exclusive feature of Twitter Blue, the variant of the social network that is offered under a monthly subscription. However, this is not completely clear.

What Manchun Wong has found is a new signup page for TweetDeck that is still in development. In it you can see how Twitter focuses on some specific features of its application; among them, that the experience will be free of ads. “Get more out of Twitter, without the noise. TweetDeck's interface is ad-free,” the image indicates.

This could be seen as a direct reference to Twitter's plans to monetize the revamped (and long-awaited) version of TweetDeck. Certainly, it is not the first time that information related to this matter has come to light; In fact, in the first months of 2021, rumors had already emerged that put this option on the table. However, until now we had not had any more news about it.

And as we indicated at the beginning, the possibility that TweetDeck is no longer free would be opening the door for it to become an exclusive feature of Twitter Blue. This also builds on an earlier finding by Manchun Wong, who in recent weeks found references to it in the social network's code. Specifically, the analyst found that those who tried to access the new version of the client using conventional Twitter accounts would be redirected to a page to register for the version under subscription.

The renewal of TweetDeck would come with a cost

However, the idea that the new TweetDeck is exclusive to Twitter Blue is not entirely convincing. It is that said subscription service continues to show ads on the social network, both on the web and in mobile apps; therefore, this is a contradiction to the ad-free promise that has been seen in the client's developing web.

Be careful, this does not mean that history cannot change. Perhaps Twitter is thinking of using TweetDeck to attract those professional users who spend a good part of their day on the social network, but who until now had not found enough motivation to switch to Blue. However, until the company announces nothing, it will all be a matter of speculation.

Keep in mind that, since its launch, Twitter Blue hasn't stood out for offering anything too extraordinary. The most important changes proposed by this variant, which costs 2.99 dollars per month, are the option to use an NFT as a profile picture, a timer to cancel or correct a tweet before publishing it, and some aesthetic modifications not too relevant.

Will TweetDeck be the social network's next big bet to expand its subscriber base? For now, we must wait for confirmation, but the signs would suggest that it is. Meanwhile, the public is still waiting for the much-touted full revamp of the official Twitter client. Let's not forget that the beta was launched a year ago and brought with it many new features; among many, a design made from scratch and clearly inspired by the visual language that the platform already offers on the web and its apps for iOS and Android.