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The Privacy Guarantor and Facebook together to fight revenge p*rn

The term revenge p*rn means the sharing of intimate photos or videos without consent of the protagonists themselves. Precisely to counter this phenomenon, the Guarantor for the protection of personal data has created, in collaboration with Facebook , a portal from which it will be possible to report and then block the sharing of private images .

Facebook had already started the development of a similar project but certainly, with the support of a state authority such as the Privacy Guarantor , more and more people will be able to learn about this service. From March 8 adults who are afraid of being victims of revenge p*rn, can contact the Privacy Guarantor, by consulting the page / revengep*rn , to report their existence securely and confidentially to Facebook and have them blocked .

On the page there will be a form to fill in to provide the Authority with useful information to evaluate the case and it will be possible to upload the offending photos on the platform ): once this is done, the images will be encrypted by Facebook , so as to become unrecognizable before being destroyed and, through a comparison technology, blocked by possible attempts to publish them .

This, combined with the algorithm of Facebook which blocks by default the nude images uploaded to the social network , can become a useful tool to counteract this phenomenon.