The Privacy Guarantor gives the green light to the National Registry of Patients: more efficient healthcare and less bureaucracy

The Privacy Guarantor has given the green light to the national registry of clients ( ANA ) within the new outline of the decree of the president of the council of ministers ( DPCM). This step will accelerate the process of administrative automation in order to improve the services of the Public Administration.

But what exactly is ANA ? It is essentially a database developed by the Ministry of Health in agreement with the Ministry of Economy and Finance which takes over from the lists of clients of the individual local Health Authorities, which will cease to provide citizens with their personal health card . The new structure will ensure the availability of accurate and up-to-date information on clients to the individual ASLs for the performance of their functions.

A practical example is the case of a change of residence . The citizen will no longer be required to contact the new local health company, which instead will receive immediate electronic communication directly from the ANA.

The go-ahead from the Guarantor also allows the DPCM scheme to carry out three important processes:

  • the contents of the National Registry of patients , such as the choices of the general practitioner, the exemption code and the domicile
  • the plan for the gradual takeover of 'ANA to the registries and to the lists of clients kept by the individual ASLs and the guarantees and safety measures to be adopted.
  • the possibility for interested in accessing their personal data online contained in the ANA

Street: CorCom
Source: GPDP