The state of audiovisual piracy in Italy: IPTV increasingly used by the population

The latest data processed by the Ipsos company on behalf of FAPAV, Federation for the Protection of Audiovisual and Multimedia Content, tell us about the state of audiovisual piracy in Italy . Needless to say, during the period of the first lockdown, there was an exponential growth of illicit acts linked precisely to the illegal download of audiovisual content or the use of IPTV.

However, it is spoken of as an anomaly, so much so that in the last 12 months there has been a sharp decline. Just to get an idea of ​​the data we are talking about, let's see a rundown in the list below:

  • 38% : the overall incidence of piracy among Italians aged 15 years or more in the last 12 months vs 40% of the first lockdown in 2020 and 37% in 2019.
  • 57 million : the overall estimate of the acts of piracy of an average two-month post-lockdown vs the 243 million of the lockdown and the 69 million of an average two-month of 2019.
  • 25% : the incidence of film piracy (it was 31% in 2019).
  • 20% : the incidence of series / fiction piracy (it was 23% in 2019).
  • 21% : the incidence of piracy of television programs (it was 17% in 2019).
  • 14% : the incidence of live sports piracy after the forced stop during the lockdown (vs 10% in 2019).
  • 30% : the estimate of new subscribers a legal on demand platforms in the last 12 months.
  • 21% : the incidence of illicit IPTV users for films, series / fiction, TV programs and live sporting events at least once in the last 12 months vs 19% of the lockdown and 10% of 2019.

There is little to do: although the values ​​are settling, precisely because of the fewer restrictions, piracy is a particularly current phenomenon in Italy . The incidence of piracy of films and TV series is probably decreasing also due to the ease of use of streaming subscriptions, so much so that new subscribers are increasing fairly.

However, IPTV users are also increasing , even if one of the latest maxi operations of the Italian police force could actually have put a stop to the activities. If in 2019 10% of the Italian population used IPTV, in the last 12 months the incidence has reached 21%, or almost 11 million people. Here is what we read in the FAPAV report:

In any case, audiovisual piracy remains a thorn in the side of the audiovisual content industry, with inevitable consequences for the economic and employment system of our country and, especially in a moment like the present one, putting in place the best contrast strategies represents a essential element for the restart of the sector.

Piracy linked to the illicit use of live sporting events is also on the rise , probably due to the (almost) return to normality also in the world of sport, with a consequent increase in events of this kind , perhaps also due to the growing confusion in the management of rights. If you want to take a look at the report published by FAPAV you can do it here.