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This could be the first look at Mac Studio, Apple's new computer

Last week, 9to5Mac announced that Apple is working on the Mac Studio, a new family of computers. Its objective would be to meet the needs of those professionals who, while looking for better performance than the Mac mini offers, do not want to lose the compact size. Today, a few hours before the “Peek Performance” keynote, some renders of Mac Studio have appeared.

Before continuing, it's important to note that the leak comes from Luke Miani, a YouTuber whose history of leaking Apple hasn't always been accurate. Therefore, you have to take his material with tweezers and wait for an official statement from the company. Once the previous point has been clarified, we can proceed to analyze the images.

It was previously reported that the Mac Studio will have a design similar to the new Mac mini. The Miani renders follow that line, but to a point. Although the form factor is inspired by the next generation of the Mac mini, which will presumably see the light of day tomorrow, its dimensions at the top increase considerably. According to the youtuber, the Mac Studio is about 10 centimeters tall (4 inches), approximately.

The Mac Studio's chassis would be anodized aluminum, while the top would have a glossy white finish. Is it familiar to you? Yes, it is very similar to the renders of the new Mac mini that Jon Prosser shared months ago. Likewise, there is an LED indicator and several grilles in the lower part to allow air flow. Miani says that this computer will integrate more ports than the Mac mini, although his renders do not show them.

The 9to5Mac report stated that Apple is testing two variants of Mac Studio. The first, with the chip M1 Max that we currently find in the MacBook Pro. The other, however, would have a more powerful version of the same SoC.

“The new Mac Studio is based primarily on the Mac mini, but with much more powerful hardware. Apple has two versions of the Mac Studio in development. One features the M1 Max chip (same as the 2021 MacBook Pro) and the other a variant of the Apple Silicon chip that is even more powerful than the current M1 Max.”

At the moment, yes, there is no information about the price. Apple would intend to place the Mac Studio as a intermediate proposal between the Mac mini and the new Mac Pro. The latter, sooner or later, will become more compact because it will embrace Apple Silicon chips. Therefore, we can expect that the cost will also be placed between the mentioned computers.

When will it see the light? At this time it is difficult to promise dates. Mark Gurman, one of the most reliable sources regarding future Apple products, anticipated that we could see a surprise in the keynote. This, of course, would have nothing to do with the announcements of the new iPhone SE 2022, iPad Air and the basic version of the 13″ MacBook Pro.

Gurman indicates that it could be a new computer with Apple Silicon chips and even the much-rumored monitor, which would be a more basic option compared to the Pro Display XDR. Miani himself also shared some images of the monitor, and stated that it will be presented tomorrow along with Mac Studio. Again, let's take the information in stride.

The “Peek Performance” keynote will be held tomorrow, Tuesday, March 8 at 7:00 p.m. in Spain and 12:00 p.m. in Mexico. Of course, in Hipertextual we will have all the coverage of the event. It is possible that tomorrow we will know the Mac Studio and the monitor that we have talked about so much in recent years.