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This curious Google Maps bug is causing headaches for Android users

Google Maps is not only widely known for its accurate maps, but also for the famous voice that allows us to effectively guide us through the streets. However, those users who wish to use it to reach their destination could be in for a surprise. According to Android Police, the application has been showing some problems; and it is that users have been claiming an error in which Google Maps does not speak to them in a language other than English .

Of course, such a problem is especially serious because it is happening to people whose primary language is not English. This is a big inconvenience for those people who work behind the wheel and depend on the voice of Google Maps to guide them through the streets on a daily basis. The Android Police report adds that users cannot change the language to a language other than English, since it is the only one that appears in the selection menu.

But on-the-fly solutions won't do much good if you're in the middle of a strange city trying to find a destination and suddenly you can't clearly understand what your phone is telling you.

Android Police This bug seems to be occurring only on Android, according to the report. Some of the users have had to return to previous versions of the application in order to recover the usual language options. Likewise, another method to be able to use Google Maps in a language other than English is to disable the app, uninstall updates, and then install it again.

Google Maps could receive a patch soon

According to the aforementioned medium, more than half a dozen threads are already talking about the problem on the Internet. For this reason, it seems that Google is already working on a solution for this strange problem that its famous map service is presenting.

In fact, a user has published in one of the complaint blogs that his application is already working correctly. The problem, he comments, was solved this Friday morning, announcing that all languages ​​were once again available on Google Maps.

The new voice of the application

This situation occurs shortly after the arrival of the new Google Maps voice in Spanish. As confirmed by El Español, this is the second change that the voice of the app has received in recent years, and you can now try it on your device.

The two events are probably unrelated . However, it is a curious fact that you can try now. If you want to use the new Google Maps voice, just follow these steps:

Open Google Maps. Click on your image icon in the upper right corner. Go to Settings. Here, go to Navigation settings .Tap Play test sound. Now, you simply have to compare if the voice sounds the same as before. If the answer is negative, it means that you have already received the update. Otherwise, you will have to wait a little longer until Google makes it available for you.