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This is the most watched Marvel series since the launch of Disney +

Since Disney+ landed in the streaming wars, the company has announced and released a large number of original series and movies. Of these, the most important are perhaps those of two of its most famous universes: Marvel and Star Wars. Although there is less content from Star Wars, from Marvel there are already a few that have made their debut exclusively on Disney +, all of them within the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But, what has been the most successful Marvel series on Disney +? Well, according to Kevin Feige, of all the series in the franchise that have been released on the Disney+ streaming platform, Loki has undoubtedly been the most watched by users. Or at least That is what the manager has pointed out in the presentation of results for advertisers.

The truth is that it is no surprise that Loki has been the most watched series on Disney +, since the Nielsen data, although it did not come directly from the streaming service, already hinted that the adventures of the God of Deceit had been very liked by the users.

In fact, according to THR, Loki has had a total of 5,230 million minutes of viewing since its premiere, a totally impressive figure if we take into account that Loki arrived right at the start of the last summer, and that series with more time behind them in the Disney+ catalog do not reach similar figures.

And combined, the six live-action shows from Lucasfilm (The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett) and Marvel Studios (WandaVision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Loki and Hawkeye) have generated nearly 36 billion minutes of viewing time. .

In fact, series from both franchises have remained comfortably in the top 10 throughout their premiere, only dropping out in the weeks following their season finales, when they logged several billion more minutes of viewing.

Star Wars continues to beat Marvel

Although Loki has been the most viewed of all Marvel releases, the truth is that the original content of his universe is still far from unseating the biggest Star Wars hit of recent years: The Mandalorian. None of the Marvel series has ever surpassed any of the Mandalorian seasons in terms of total viewing time. Although Loki, as we said at the beginning, although Loki was quite close in June and July of last year.

According to Nielsen, The Mandalorian racked up the series amassed 5.42 billion minutes of viewing time during its seven weeks of airing, and topped 1.15 billion during the week its finale premiered.

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Subscribe to Disney+ and save The rest of the Disney + series also have great numbers. Falcon and the Winter Soldier is the second after Loki, with 4.15 billion in total. Marvel's most recent series, Hawkeye, had a total viewing time of 3.46 billion minutes during its run.

However, Star Wars continues to see a stern: The Book of Boba Fett, reached 4.4 billion minutes despite mediocre reviews, well above other more successful Marvel series at a glance.