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TikTok now allows you to use GIFs with audio thanks to GIPHY Clips

Library is the new tool announced for TikTok. This is a creative set that will allow you to use animated clips and images, with or without sound, directly from the GIPHY platform. In this way, you will be able to integrate new content into your TikTok videos.

This new feature also allows us to use high-quality content from large platforms. Among them, we have HBO, ABC, Hulu, Xbox and The Roku Channel. You will be able to access this content using GIPHY Clips, a type of GIF with added audio.

According to a statement from GIPHY itself, Library is a feature that “unlocks a new category of entertainment content.” With it, they seek that users “ comment, debate or make parodies, and allow more creators to participate or start their own trends,” said the company.

For its part, this new GIPHY Library is expected to gradually reach all users over the next few weeks. Initially, Android device owners will be the first to receive it this week; while those using iOS should start receiving the new feature in the next one.

When we created the Clips library, people were already consuming more audio content. They were streaming shows on mobile and quickly moving to platforms like TikTok, where audio drives creativity.

This type of partnership has been our North Star since the beginning, as Clips are designed for people to view, use and share, and TikTok is a perfect platform for it.

Cam Smith , Vice President of Product at GIPHY

How to use GIPHY Clips in TikTok Library

How to use GIPHY Clips in TikTok Library GIPHY has offered a tutorial so you can know how to access their Clips even before the feature is released. You just have to follow a few simple steps to be able to use your favorite content in your videos.

Please note that the features we are about to mention may not appear in your TikTok app. After all, it's something that's currently being integrated, and might not currently be available on your mobile device.

Go into your TikTok app. Go to the recording screen. tool sidebar. Tap the new Library icon that appears last. Once you're signed in, you can use trending content from the home page. GIPHY also offers a search bar if you want to use something specific. Once you have chosen what you want, you can select the desired length and just go back to the camera screen to start recording with your new Clip.

The response to a function that the public requested

Although it seems like a strange addition, the truth is that GIPHY Clips have a good future on TikTok. After all, users of the platform have been able to use all the tools that the app has to offer. In this way, they have made series like Euphoria a real success, so it is not surprising that HBO has also slipped into the GIPHY Clips.

GIPHY Clips on TikTok adds an extra layer of convenience for users to immerse themselves in their favorite cultural moment.

Lydia Getachew, Director of Business Development at GIPHY Lydia Getachew, Director of Business Development at GIPHY, comments: “This is my favorite integration we've done with TikTok to date.” The executive believes that both companies have something in common, and that is to offer users a safe space to express themselves through “micro-entertainment”.