TikTok winks at Instagram: the Stories arrive (video)

Nowadays every social network that respects itself offers the possibility to its users to create and share contents such as Stories, visible for a certain period of time . TikTok doesn't want to be outdone.

The popular social video seems to have started the distribution of the so-called TikTok Stories . As you can see from the video of Matt Navarra , which you find at the bottom of this article, it is video content with which it is possible interact and affix customizations graphics of various types, exactly as it happens for Instagram Stories. TikTok Stories also have a time limit of 24 hours , after which they will be automatically deleted.

A spokesperson for TikTok confirmed to The Verge that the company is testing the Stories on its social platform, with the aim to understand if it is a feature that may be of interest to all TikTok users and then introduce it more on a larger scale .

At the moment it has not been indicated how long this testing phase will last nor how extensive it is . Please let us know if you have also received the TikTok Stories in the testing phase.