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TIM and Vodafone: remodulations on the way

Bad news for some TIM and Vodafone customers . In fact, both operators foresee restructuring of 3 euros starting from mid-March. Let's see them in detail.

Some TIM fixed network customers with active TIMVISION offers that include Netflix are receiving notification of a remodeling which, according to the offer, will lead to an increase in the monthly cost up to a maximum of 3 euros. As for Netflix, there will be four different changes that will come into effect as of April 1, 2022:

  • Netflix World at 12.99 euros per month will increase by 1 euro per month
  • Entertainment World, proposed until March 2021 and which cost 14.99 euros per month , will increase by 3 euros per month
  • Entertainment World , proposed from March to June 2021, and that it cost € 16.99 per month, it will increase by € 1 per month
  • the Netflix Premium option , which allows you to enable your TIMVISION offer on the Premium plan of the streaming platform at 4 euros per month , will increase by 1 euro per month

And now let's move on to Vodafone. Starting from 16 March 2022 a limited number of private customers of the operator with some tariff offers will be impacted by an increase of 2.99 euros per month . Customers affected by the unilateral change are receiving a specific communication via SMS from from February 16, 2022.

As far as we have been able to understand, a small number of Vodafone customers involved have Infinito Gold Special Edition activated for more than 6 months and with monthly prices even higher than 20 euros per month.

Via: MondoMobileWeb, MondoMobileWeb