Todoist becomes more free than before: many new features for free users

Todoist updates to give some of its premium features to users without a subscription . Here are some examples:

  • 300 activities per project (instead of 150)
  • File upload (up to 5MB)
  • Comments
  • Filters (up to 3)
  • Labels
  • Calendar synchronization
  • Adding of activities via email
  • Models
  • Productivity trends
  • History of your activities (up to one week)

Then pay attention to another important detail ( Todoist gives, Todoist takes ): each new account free now has a maximum limit of 5 active projects ; if you want to go further, you will have to subscribe.

The accounts already active will be able to keep all the current projects, regardless of how many they are, however they will not be able to add new ones, if you are already over the limit of 5 (that is: to add a new project you will have to store as many as 4 active, and then you can create a new one).

Further information is available on this support page in Italian, while the badge for the App Store and Play Store is immediately below.