Tribit Flybuds C1 review, the aggressive earphones in everything

There is now no shortage of true wireless earphones at a great price on Amazon, and the price range just over 50 euros is the one that, most of all, is able to give excellent surprises, without emptying the wallet too much. Tribit Flybuds C1 is an excellent example of how, with a low cost, it is possible to take home an excellent completely wireless headset. We defined them as “aggressive” in everything, starting with a design that could almost always be gaming.

Obviously, when we talk about gaming headphones we refer to products of a very different category, but these Tribit Flybuds C1 offer a rather aggressive design, with a red part on the back that make them aesthetically different from the usual ones. Here's how they are made.

Recensione Tribit Flybuds C1, gli auricolari aggressivi in tutto

Tribit Flybuds C1 how they are made

Tribit Flybuds C1 are full wireless earphones with in-ear form factor, Airpods style, even if the “stem” is slightly shorter than usual, AirPods Pro style. They are quite refined in design, but as already mentioned, they have a slight red color on the back, which makes them slightly more aggressive than usual. The red color is, however, very pleasant, without falling too much into aesthetic heaviness.

Recensione Tribit Flybuds C1, gli auricolari aggressivi in tutto

The plastics are of good quality, and overall the earbuds are really small and with a rather too compact case with weird plastic that feels slightly rubberized, even if it really isn't. They are worn quite comfortably, and can be calibrated using the different “rubber pads” found inside the package. In total, there are 5 pairs of replacement rubber pads, plus the one already mounted in the package. It is a great set, so that you can share them with a family member, simply by changing the rubber pads included in the package. in the package.

Recensione Tribit Flybuds C1, gli auricolari aggressivi in tutto

We have not officially found the certification rating of these earphones, which should be IPX5, a level of protection against splashes of water and rather moderate dust, but which will certainly be enough to protect them from sweat and light rain.


As we mentioned above, the Tribit Flybuds C1 are worn comfortably, and the general shape of the headset seems to invite the perfect “fit” in the ear without any difficulty. From this point of view they turned out to be better than many others in the same category. Guessing their position inside the ear is really simple, immediate and natural. Stability is excellent, so you can think of using them even during a light ride, although you will certainly need to be careful not to stress them too much.

Recensione Tribit Flybuds C1, gli auricolari aggressivi in tutto

You can use them without any problem during a bike trip, and obviously on public transport or by car. They do not have an auto play / pause function when they are removed from the ears, but to obtain this effect it is necessary to refer to the small button present in each earphone, since they can work individually, one independently of the other. Here, this button is probably the only aspect that has not convinced us 100%, while everything else, as we will say, is really great. The button is really discreet and minimal, so much so that you can't see it at a glance. The click is physical, but it is not too comfortable to use. When it comes to clicking once for the play / pause function there is no problem, while more difficult is the double tap (next track) and even the triple tap (call assistants). However, this is a small trifle, which in no way affects the quality of the product as a whole.

Tribit Flybuds C1 have complete controls through which to manage practically everything: volume, back and forth for tracks, answer the call and also call Siri (three clicks on the right earphone button). Just keep in mind that some controls are different for each earphone: the volume is raised by clicking the right button, it is lowered with the left. Similarly, double tapping on the right is used to change track forwards, while on the left to go back.

Recensione Tribit Flybuds C1, gli auricolari aggressivi in tutto

Sound quality

Let's talk, however, about what is the quality of these Tribit Flybuds C1. The sound is powerful, both in terms of volume and in terms of bass. The latter are really pronounced for a pair of earbuds, but still well balanced. They are really so perceptible, and they will surely make the happiness of those looking for a rather warm tone even in a pair of earphones. These, however, do not affect the mids and, above all, the human voice which remains absolutely defined.

Recensione Tribit Flybuds C1, gli auricolari aggressivi in tutto

The resolution of the sound and the separation are also good: spatiality and the positioning of the instruments are clearly perceived. Again, as regards the use, for example, with YouTube, we have identified an excellent synchrony between sound and video: looking, for example, a Vlog, the audio is perfectly synchronized, without the slightest lag.

Ultimately Tribit Flybuds C1 completely satisfy in any department, and are also excellent for telephone conversations, thanks to the 4 microphones, two per headset, on board. If we had to make a comparison, these are earphones that all in all can, for sound quality, compete even with the more expensive Airpods 2. Apple earphones have perhaps a slightly higher definition of sound, but in terms of bass the comparison does not appear then. so you learn.

Recensione Tribit Flybuds C1, gli auricolari aggressivi in tutto

The soundproofing, the result solely of the In Ear form factor, is sufficient to attenuate the noises, not to cancel them, also because these earphones do not enjoy ANC technology, but ENC. After all, we are not talking about earphones with noise suppression as are the AirPods Pro and this must reduce the expectations from this point of view. After all, however, we totally justify the absence of ANC, which would have subtracted budget, obviously well spent on other things, such as sound quality.


Tribit claims the earbuds last around 12 hours on a single charge. The data seems slightly optimistic, and we can probably believe that the autonomy is 8 hours, which in any case turns out to be a really good result, certainly above the average of earphones of the same type. The battery inside the case, however, should ensure at least 4 additional recharges. In short, an infinite duration. Moreover, the complete recharge of the earphones takes 1 hour and a half, while two hours for the case itself. All in all, short times.

Recensione Tribit Flybuds C1, gli auricolari aggressivi in tutto


Excellent from all points of view. Ergonomics and comfort, autonomy and above all sound quality: all to be promoted with flying colors. The good quality even on call makes them a product that stands out in sophistication and quality at 360 degrees. Music reproduction is certainly appreciable, especially for those looking for well-present bass. The only note, just for the record, we do it to the buttons present in each earphone, difficult to activate especially in the triple click.

They can be purchased on Amazon at this address at the price of 69 euros.