Tribit XfreeGo headphones review, reference low cost headphones

If you look at the Amazon catalog there are so many low cost headphones that you can buy, even if many often hide a quality certainly not up to par. In this review we tried the Tribit XfreeGo, which in no uncertain terms we can define the reference headphones in this sector. Here because.

Considering that the eye also wants its part, let's start with the design. Tribit XfreeGo looks really good, with a traditional and not too flashy aesthetic, but certainly successful. At the sight these are headphones that can be looked at well, and even when you take them in your hand for the first time the feeling is that of quality headphones, with the right weight, the right consistency, and the feeling of having in your hands good materials, with an absolutely level assembly.

Recensione cuffie Tribit XfreeGo, le cuffie low cost di riferimento

Obviously, the main material is plastic, although we would like to specify that it is a good plastic: robust, certainly comfortable to the touch. In short, for a headset that costs 29.99 euros it is practically a miracle. If we hadn't known the price, just touching them we would certainly have placed them in a slightly higher range.

Recensione cuffie Tribit XfreeGo, le cuffie low cost di riferimento

The Tribit XfreeGo wear really well, also due to the particular softness of the ear cups. They are not huge, but they will certainly cover medium-sized ears, and indeed enclose them perfectly inside the pavilion, so as to create a pleasant, albeit not maximum, acoustic insulation.

Recensione cuffie Tribit XfreeGo, le cuffie low cost di riferimento

From an aesthetic point of view, the Tribit XfreeGo are absolutely promoted, beautiful to the eye (certainly not original, indeed with a traditional design) and also excellent to the touch. It is clear that the eye wants its part, but when it comes to headphones, even more important is the sound quality.

Recensione cuffie Tribit XfreeGo, le cuffie low cost di riferimento

How the Tribit XfreeGo sound

Well, very well indeed. The audio quality and power they deliver are remarkable, and if you love bass, these are the budget headphones for you. They are often present, and clearly distinguishable, giving back a good feeling. Nonetheless, the sound remains composed, deep, welcoming and warm when needed. Obviously they are not headphones for audiophiles, but the sonic result is exceptional, especially considering the price. The headphones, turned on, create a very good isolation effect, also thanks to the volume that reaches peaks, although not very high, but still very good. Good high tones, distinct mids and perfectly perceptible lows that pump clearly. Also in this case, without knowing the price list of these headphones, we would have easily included them in a certainly higher step.

Recensione cuffie Tribit XfreeGo, le cuffie low cost di riferimento

Probably, in order to achieve this quality in a headphone for less than 30 euros, the move of not including any technology that would have made the cost increase, in our opinion unnecessarily, was successful. For example, it totally lacks ANC, active noise cancellation. The choice, in our view, as well as being legitimate, is completely correct. Such a technology would certainly have weakened the budget to be allocated to overall sound quality, and in any case it would certainly not have been up to par with other high-end headphones. In short, the choice not to insert the ANC, but to focus on a truly excellent sound quality in relation to the price, is sacrosanct.

Recensione cuffie Tribit XfreeGo, le cuffie low cost di riferimento


We recommend them, in all honesty, and practically without reservations. These over the era Tribit XfreeGo headphones offer an exceptional price / audio quality ratio. Of course if you need a pair of active noise canceling headphones they are not for you, but to have a good result with the ANC you will need to have a bigger budget. Tribit XfreeGo are headphones to listen to music in an engaging way, without spending a fortune. It should be remembered, however, that the isolation effect is very good when they are turned on, due to the pavilions that tighten perfectly on the ears, and which therefore manage to silence many of the noises that surround us in everyday life.

Of course, we also recommend them for watching movies: during the tests we tested Netflix with excellent results, with the headphones that were up to par, also from the point of view of comfort, as well as from the sound one, able to emphasize the better background sound effects.


  • Good designs, construction and materials
  • Outstanding audio quality
  • Good autonomy
  • Incredible value for money
  • Against

  • Really nothing to report
  • Price and availability

    Tribit XfreeGo headphones cost € 29.99, including a practical hard carrying case. They can be purchased from this Amazon page.