Tronsmart Apollo Air & Air +: The Review

Step by step Tronsmart is carving out a good slice in the panorama of bluetooth headsets, churning out products that are always valid and of quality. On the day of Tronsmart's eighth birthday, the Apollo family expands, and the brand new Tronsmart Apollo Air & Air + arrives. Lightweight, super technological and at a competitive price. Will they be able to create a product capable of competing in the mid-high range of ANC earphones? Let's find out in our review!

TRONSMART APOLLO AIR & AIR + Tronsmart Apollo Air & Air +, despite the external appearance, are 2 different products, with many small differences that give an edge to Air +, starting from the packaging. The graphic style is very similar, but the Air + box is much more refined and full of accessories.

The equipment is complete in both cases, with the contents well layered inside the box, each in its place. For Air + we find, in the first instance, the headphones with attached charging box, lifting the first layer we are faced with the classic manuals, the USB Type-C cable and as many as 8 pairs of rubber pads of different sizes, well embedded in their housing. Finally, in the lower level, we find a very comfortable clutch bag.

Less rich but still complete the Air equipment: the same as that of the older sisters, but with 4 pairs of rubber pads and without clutch bag.

APOLLO AIR TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Model: Tronsmart Apollo Air Range: 10m Bluetooth: 5.2 Material: PC + ABS Plastic Noise canceling: CVC and ANC Noise reduction: 35dB Duration: 5 hours Waterproof: IP45 Chip: Qualcomm® QCC3046 Driver: 10mm

APOLLO AIR + TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Model: Tronsmart Apollo Air + Range: 10m Bluetooth: 5.2 Material: PC + ABS Plastic Noise canceling: CVC and ANC Noise reduction: 35dB Duration: 5 hours Waterproof : IP45 Chip: Qualcomm® QCC3046 Driver: 10mm Qualcomm® aptX ™ Adaptive audio decoding Wireless charging In-ear detection

DESIGN Tronsmart in this case has opted for a classic design in ear, light and very small in size. Excellent curvature of the part that houses the rubber, which allows the headset to always remain in place, even while doing physical activity. The low weight and the excellent design make them very comfortable to wear, and they will not bother even after prolonged use. In-ear headphones usually cause discomfort inside my ear, which didn't happen in this case.

They adapt well to any type of ear, thanks also to the supplied rubber pads. The very low weight and comfort make them perfect for prolonged use, without fatigue or pain. Very convenient is the function that automatically stops the music once the headphones are removed from the ear on the Air +.

The Apollo Air & Air + are designed to be used in any situation, but they do not hold back for purely sporting use: the build quality is high, and the IP45 certification allows you to use them in any type of activity without having to worry, as they are resistant to sweat, splashes and rain.

The headphones do not have physical buttons, but all the necessary controls are still available, accessible thanks to the touch panel, which can be further customized thanks to the app.

The charging box is equipped with a single external status LED to indicate the charging level. I really appreciated the internal design of the box, which carefully guards the headphones, without the possibility of them moving inside, there is also a LED here, which indicates the correct pairing of the headphones.

Also excellent is the possibility of fast charging given by the USB Type-C. Honorable mention for the Air +, also equipped with very convenient wireless charging.

The Tronsmart Apollo Air & Air + are available in black and white. Both models have a matte finish for the box and a shinier finish for the earphones, but the Air + model takes it a step further with a pearly and textured finish, very pleasing to the eye.

AUDIO As Tronsmart has accustomed us by now, the maximum volume is really high compared to other products in the same segment. Thanks to Qualcomm CVC 8.0 technology, combined with ANC technology, the Apollo Air & Air + get an almost total noise reduction, up to 35dB.

The Active Noise Canceling technology, which can be activated with 3 taps on the headset, uses the 6 microphones on board the Apollo Air & Air + to completely eliminate all types of noise, acting on all frequencies thanks to feedforward and ANC feedback. This feature puts these Tronsmart headphones in direct competition with much more expensive models, and it works really well. In addition to the ANC mode, the Apollo Air & Air + are equipped with an Ambient mode that does the exact opposite, that is, it amplifies the ambient noise, breaking down the typical isolation of in-ear headphones. This feature is great for use on the street or where you need to pay attention to our surroundings.

The strength of these headphones is undoubtedly the high performance and definition at each frequency, thanks to the 10mm driver aided by Qualcomm aptX technology for both, and aptX Adaptive audio decoding for the Air +. The Qualcomm QCC3046 chip really makes the difference, thanks to very low latency, reduced power consumption and the presence of AAC and SBC codecs.

Powerful and full-bodied bass, thanks also to the graphene driver, complete an already excellent picture.

The sound quality is truly excellent, and remains so even at very high volume: I have not encountered distortions or quality losses with streaming services such as YouTube or Spotify or with the fully compatible Flac format. Even listening to videos on platforms such as Netflix turns out to be very pleasant and always of a high level. Also good audio and microphone during calls.

Thanks to the Qualcomm QCC3046 quadcore chip, aptX, AAC, SBC are also supported.

Functionality Pairing the Apollo Air & Air + to your device will take very few moments, and after the first pairing they will connect automatically once removed from the box within 1 second. A notification will notify you of the successful connection, also giving you info on the battery level. You can use them in pairs or individually.

The headphones are TWS and can be used within a radius of 10m from the connected device, as long as there are not too many obstacles. You can use both earphones independently or just one. Latency is almost zero, and both headphones will receive the signal directly from the smartphone.

The battery life fully lives up to its promises, and it will only take 10 minutes to recharge the Apollo Air & Air + for 1 hour of use.

The Apollo Air & Air + also perform well for phone calls: the audio will always be excellent, and despite the small size and the distance of the microphone from the mouth, you will have no problem making yourself heard by your interlocutor, thanks to the Crystal Clear technology.

Touch controls are also present on both earphones: single, double, triple and extended touch, to perform practically all the necessary functions, such as activating the voice assistant, answering and ending a call, changing songs and adjusting the volume.


The Tronsmart Apollo Air & Air + are able to get that “something extra” thanks to the presence of a Qualcomm chip, an extraordinary active noise reduction and superior audio quality. They are perfect for those who play sports, for those who travel and for those looking for a great product at a really low price. The ANC technology manages to make these headphones stand out in the chaos of similar products and, considering the selling price, even among higher-end products.

The Tronsmart Apollo Air & Air + are equipped with a dedicated app, which allows you to adjust the equalizer and customize the touch controls.

Connect to the website to discover the unmissable offers in view of the eighth anniversary!

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