Twitter allows the blocking of unwanted contacts comments

Twitter takes a step forward in the protection of users and in the reciprocal interactions between them. Tired of the negative comments of the haters ? The social network has introduced a function to limit the ability to comment to a certain group of contacts.

Prevent unwanted users from commenting on tweets

The popular micro-blogging service in August had introduced a feature whereby some contacts , selected by the user, could not reply to tweets . Response blocking is primarily intended for haters or fake accounts who rage against a user. This is, therefore, able to block interactions with unwanted contacts in a certain sense. Twitter is about to take another step by further improving this feature. While so far this could only be applied to new tweets, to be set before publication, now it will also be possible to adopt it for the oldest tweets already published on the net.

The function will also be valid for past tweets

The announcement came on July 13 with an announcement on the official account Twitter Safety . “Your Tweets = your space. Now you can change who can reply to you even after tweeting, ”said the company in the tweet in question. Choosing who can reply to their tweets is a function available at global level , therefore on the web, Android and iOS.

To set this preference it will be necessary to click on the three-dot menu present on each tweet and select the option Choose who can reply . It can be established that they can respond: all users, only those followed or only the accounts mentioned in the tweet in question . In case of selecting one of the last two options, the tweets in question will be labeled and the reply icon will become gray for users who cannot reply. However, they will still be able to view, retweet, retweet with comment and like these tweets.

“For now, only a limited group of people globally can tweet with these settings, but everyone can see these conversations. We are exploring how we can improve these settings to give people more opportunities to participate and at the same time give people control over the conversations they start ”writes Twitter on the blog.

Words from the Twitter blog

This is how Twitter shows the desire to support users who get unwanted replies . The main purpose of the function is to contribute in the prevention of online abuse and harassment suffered by users. “Twitter is the place to go to see and talk about what's going on. But sometimes, unwanted replies make it difficult to have meaningful conversations. Since last year, we've been working to give people more control over their conversations, starting with the ability to hide replies . We also started trying out new ways to start conversations with casual, fleeting thoughts. And now, we are testing new settings that allow you to choose who can reply to your Tweet and participate in your conversation “reads the blog of the social network.

Other ideas of the social network

The social network cares about the satisfaction of users and is committed to ensuring that they have a good experience with the service. On July 1st it also announced some future features that could be worked on. Above all, the Trusted Friends service stands out, which will allow users to limit the viewing of certain tweets only to a group of followers considered close friends. This idea is similar to the closest friends setting of the Instagram Stories .

Another function in progress is the one called Facets which will allow you to categorize your tweets before publication. For example a message from your working self and your playful self, depending on your personality and tone. The service is also thinking about allowing users to create a list of phrases they would prefer not to display in comments. At the moment these are just ideas, none of them are in development yet.