Twitter Blue confirmed: the subscription plan will be launched at € 2.99 per month (updated)

Tracked down earlier this month by app researcher Jane Manchun Wong , Twitter recently confirmed its service called “ Twitter Blue “, which is basically a subscription to payment that unlocks new features for social network users. This news is also accompanied by the discovery by Wong herself of emi and alternative color icons to the iOS app.

The confirmation comes from the official Twitter app page in the iOS App Store, in which caption is also indicated the monthly price of the service which will be € 2.99 per month . As things currently stand, it is not yet possible to proceed with the subscription, but some of the features it will offer have been disclosed.

Twitter Blue subscribers will be able to organize their favorite tweets in different collections, quickly cancel sent tweets and have access to a reading mode that turns long threads into “easy-to-read text”. In addition to the above, there are also new interface themes and new icons.

At the moment it is not yet known to know when the social network intends to officially announce this subscription plan. Stay tuned for future details.

Update 03/06/2021

The first countries where the Twitter Blue subscription service will be available are Canada and Australia, where it will cost $ 3.64 CAD and $ 4.49 AUD per month.

The arrival is scheduled for this Thursday and the company has stated that this launch is aimed at making the user experience even more personalized.