Twitter goes back and removes the “Most Recent Tweets” tab because we all hate it

Again we can choose the chronological Timeline on Twitter. The company has decided to reverse the changes it published just a few days ago, with which it planned to give a twist to the way we see publications that ended up being not like too much to the general public.

The previous update segmented our Home into two parts. With the first, we saw the tweets in an order decided by the application's algorithm; while in the second tab we could access the most recent Tweets, which allowed us to see the content in chronological order. However, unlike the proposal prior to said update, the selected tab was always restarted when leaving the app and entering again . In this way, each time we had to go through the Twitter Home headed by the platform's algorithm first, even if we only wanted to see the most recent posts.

Now, however, the app has decided to roll back to its previous version. Thus, we can choose which Timeline we prefer, if the one commanded by the algorithm, or the chronological mode. The benefit of this option is that it saves the user's preferred setting until the user decides to change it, so we don't have to go through the process of selecting the “Most Recent Tweets” tab each time. time we enter the app and want to see the start chronologically; option that many prefer.

The new version of Twitter is already on iOS, and soon on Android

The update is now available for iOS devices. This way, if you have an iPhone, you should already be able to experience the changes. If you still don't see it, it's a matter of time before you can download it.

Android users will have to wait a little longer, as well as those who use the social network in web mode. However, the company has confirmed that it will eventually arrive, so they just have to wait a bit.

According to 9to5Mac, it didn't take long for users' voices to be heard when the platform decided to change the “classic” experience to one segmented into tabs. The aforementioned source comments that “many wanted the option to see the most recent Tweets by default back”, and it is that Twitter had made it more complicated for its users.

Also, the tab bar to decide between one option or another consumed unnecessary screen space . Even if Twitter had allowed users to select one of two tabs by default; It would have been an unnecessary and counterproductive option if we compare it to the old (now current) way of doing it.

The eternal struggle of social networks with its beginnings But Twitter isn't the only one that has been planning on changing things. Recently, those responsible for Instagram declared their intention to change the Home of their application. In this way, they plan to offer the return of the chronological order to the beginning without showing post suggestions.

Fortunately, it seems that those responsible for Twitter do listen to their users a little more. In fact, even before reversing the change, the company's spokesman, Shaokyi Amdo, confirmed that this measure would be implemented “for now” . Thus, they offered a possibility of change in the future in case users were not too convinced by the new and unnecessary integration.