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Twitter has created a browser game to explain its privacy settings

Nice initiative from Twitter, which to explain some of its privacy settings has well thought of making a new browser game available.

The game is called “Twitter Data Dash” and was made by Momo Pixel. Once started, the user can choose one of the four characters that will accompany the dog “Data” in a couple of levels. Each level, therefore, is focused on collecting five bones avoiding, for example, the trolls present. If you can get the bones, the game will explain something about Twitter's privacy settings . In addition, there will also be a cat in the game that explains how the platform can personalize the experience of each of us.

Finally, this solution is only the latest that Twitter has put in place to communicate its new privacy policy , as it was also posted on the platform's security account: “Starting today, you can view updates to our privacy policy and terms of service in the app via settings and on our redesigned privacy policy site.”

Via: TheVerge