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Twitter has restarted negotiations on the purchase proposal of Elon Musk, writes the “Wall Street Journal”

The Wall Street Journal wrote, citing confidential sources, that Twitter would restart negotiations to sell the company to Elon Musk. According to Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg, Twitter could communicate its decision on the offer as early as Monday, April 25.

Talks between the two sides had come to an abrupt halt in the past few weeks after Musk's buyout proposal was rejected by Twitter's board of directors. In the meantime, however, Musk has presented a plan in which he explained in detail where he intends to take the approximately 46.5 billion dollars necessary to finance the acquisition: the documents indicate the investment company Morgan Stanley for the supply of a series of loans for a total of 25.5 billion dollars, with which to finance just over half of the operation.

After the plan was unveiled, Twitter's stance on the sale of the company would change, and according to the Wall Street Journal this should be largely due to a series of private meetings Musk had on Friday with individual shareholders to convince them of his offer.

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