Twitter like Patreon? Paid Super Follows are coming

During the Analyst Day on February 25, the company announced several interesting news, some of which are paid, which could radically change the social network

Tweet “by subscription” but not only: on the occasion of an event dedicated to investors, Twitter announced new features, which will change the face of the social network a lot.

The new features are not yet active and no debut dates have been announced, but these are the biggest changes introduced by the company in a long time.

Super Follow

The most substantial news concerns the Super Follows: it is the possibility of subscribing to real subscriptions (in the example of Twitter, at $ 4.99 / month) to access exclusive content shared by an account.

This is a feature designed for influencers and contained t creator , who will be able to publish exclusive tweets for their supporters, but also share a newsletter with them, access to a community (see below) and so on. Furthermore, those who buy a Super Follow will be able to boast a Supporter badge on their profile.

The Super Follow will allow users to monetize their content on Twitter , with a model based on direct payments that we have already seen working on other platforms (just think of Patreon). Also, while there isn't much information on this, it is safe to expect Twitter will take a percentage of these revenues, although there is no further information on this as of today.


The other great news of this little Twitter revolution are the communities: as you can imagine, it will basically be groups , to which the users will subscribe and participate to share tweets related to a common interest . Furthermore, each community will be able to establish its own moderation rules , to maintain a peaceful atmosphere among its members.

The first thinking obviously goes to the Facebook groups , a relatively new feature that has been very successful, and on which the social network of Mark Zuckerberg is betting a lot. Members of a community with common interests tend to interact more easily with each other and creating this kind of space favors interactions.

There aren't many other news on this, but we know that Twitter communities should arrive by the end of the year .

Safety mode

Considering that Super Follow and Community should intensify interactions on the social network, Twitter has also thought of a new moderation tool , called Safety mode . By enabling this feature, users will automatically block accounts that appear to be violating Twitter rules and will automatically silence accounts that use hate speech, insults, etc.

Safety mode will go hand in hand with the aforementioned community moderation rules and will allow community administrators to easily identify and block trolls who try to “infiltrate” a community.