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Twitter now allows you to create exclusive Spaces for your Super Followers

Today, Twitter has announced a long-awaited novelty by the platform's content creators. This is the possibility of creating exclusive Spaces, which can only be accessed by those subscribed to the Super Follows of a specific user. In this way, Twitter wants to strengthen the relationship between creators with a presence on the social network and those users who help and financially support their content.

Introducing Super Follows Spaces, a new way to stay even more connected with your Super Followers, available now for all creators with Super Follows.

Twitter Those subscribers who join these Spaces through iOS or Android, will be able to participate in the conversations as usual. However, if you access through the Twitter website, you will only have the ability to listen to the conversations of other people.

How to create Super Follows Spaces Super Follow SpacesAccording to Twitter's explanation, if you want to create an exclusive Space for your Super Followers, you just have to do the following.

Go to Twitter. Then, create a Space using the usual button .Here you can select Only Super Followers can join.Start the Space. Ready. Although the rest of the users and followers on the platform will be able to see the Space created, only those who have a subscription will be able to access it. Of course, in case you want to enter, Twitter will encourage said follower to join the Super Follows list to take advantage of all the exclusive content of your favorite creator.

More details about the Super Follows

However, Super Follows Spaces are not the only way to create exclusive Spaces. Over the past yearTwitter launched its Ticketed Spaces feature, a feature that allows users to enter a Space through a prior payment. The prices of these 'tickets' could vary from 1 US dollar, to the impressive amount of 999 dollars. Additionally, creators have the ability to limit the number of tickets available.

Let us remember that the Super Follows were presented more than a year ago, during February 2021. At that time, Twitter commented that it was a monthly subscription through which users could access Exclusive content from your favorite creators. A strategy very similar to what is seen on platforms like Patreon. However, Super Follows are still in a testing stage, and only some creators were able to activate the feature on their profile.

In any case, you can subscribe to the Super Follows of your favorite users for a monthly price. Creators will be able to choose the price of the subscription, which can vary between $2.99, $4.99 or $9.99 per month.