Twitter Spaces now allow you to record and share 30-second clips

Twitter announced that it is already testing a new functionality to record 30-second clips in the Spaces. This feature has been enabled for some iOS users and allows hosts to extract a 30-second clip of recorded conversations.

To create a clip, all you have to do is press the Retweet button inside the Space and access the “Create clip” option. Users will be able to share the clip of up to 30 seconds on their Timeline and it will be available for 30 days.

Clips are coming to Twitter Spaces on iOS. At the moment the feature is limited to iOS, although the technology company announced that it will release the option on Android and Web very soon. Unlike on Twitch, clips in Twitter Spaces will debut for hosts only , with the promise of expanding to everyone in the near future.

The arrival of the clips to the Spaces is more than welcome and has shown its usefulness on other platforms. Although not initially available to room attendees, a clip is a good promotion mechanism in conversations on the Timeline.

Twitter Spaces gain ground against Clubhouse

Despite the fact that the Twitter Spaces were born by jumping on the Clubhouse train, the reality is that they have taken off in recent months. The technology company took advantage of the popularity of ephemeral audio rooms and the poor reaction of Clubhouse to expand to all platforms.

The Spaces are open to everyone and integrate features that we see in your closest competitor and other social networks. Like clips, users can record conversations and share them in a tweet to extend their reach.

A few months ago the native recording of Twitter Spaces was enabled, one of the most requested options. As with the clips, the recordings are available for 30 days on the platform, or less if the hosts decide to remove them

Clubhouse refuses to die Despite the onslaught of Twitter, Facebook, and other companies that copy their concept, Clubhouse fights to stay afloat. The app began its deployment in Asia in mid-2021 and found a potential market to expand in India.

The decline in popularity is not so bad. Having a low profile, Clubhouse went unnoticed by Russia's regulatory body. This allows activists and any Russian to access rooms where the war in Ukraine is discussed without the censorship mechanisms imposed by the Kremlin.