Twitter wants to expand in the direction of podcasts: it will be possible to natively record Spaces

Since Clubhouse entered the scene, all the other social networks have had to deal with an overwhelming form of interaction: the voice. While Twitter Spaces – also known as Twitter Spaces – are still available in testing for a limited group of users, one of the company's managers announced plans for the near future .

The intentions are clear, to give the possibility to the host of a conversation to record it, to be able to edit it later and possibly share . The journey towards the podcast seems to have begun, but before the function arrives on a permanent basis it will be necessary to deal with some obstacles such as the need to collect the explicit consent of the participants to be registered.

Beyond bureaucratic and technical issues, being able to capture and repeat conversations could take online exchanges to another level. Those that today are talked about maybe even improvised could take on a more solid and professional role . Perhaps in some cases the component linked to freshness and spontaneity will disappear, but this should go to the advantage of greater linearity and usability in retrospect.

It must be said that Twitter currently already records the conversations, keeping them in archive for 30 days, but only for the purpose of content moderation , a bit like it happens on Clubhouse (which however deletes everything when the room closes). Who knows if the chirping bird will be able to beat Fireside, a new social network focused on recording conversations and sharing via RSS feeds , whose launch appears next.