Twitter will let you see if the creator of a tweet has 'liked' a reply

Twitter wants to copy one of the best features of TikTok, and is already working on it as reported by TechCrunch. The social network run by Parag Agrawal and which could soon be owned by Elon Musk, will allow users to see if the author of a tweet has 'liked' a response with a label called ” Liked by Author” that will appear at the top of the comment. The goal of this feature, according to the company, is “to help give people context about the tweets they see.”

The “Liked by Author” tag will allow the user to know if the author of that post agrees or feels the same way about that reply to their original tweet. Although it is true that Twitter already allows you to see if the author has 'Like' a comment —either by clicking on the 'Like' number of the tweet or by accessing the 'Like' section of their profile—, the process it is very unintuitive. So the new badge is also meant to simplify those steps.

All this, of course, makes special sense for those popular accounts, such as those of celebrities or users who have a large number of followers, although the feature is expected to be available to all users.

In fact, and as highlighted by the aforementioned medium, the 'Creator Likes' tag is being tested on a random number of users who use the Android app for Twitter. The feature also appears to be available globally. However, there is still no specific release date. It is also unknown if it is possible to hide that message through the profile settings.

Twitter is also working on new features

The possible purchase of the platform by Elon Musk has not prevented Twitter from continuing to launch and develop features. Recently, the social network announced Twitter Circles, a feature similar to Instagram's “best friends” that allows users to share tweets visible only to a small group of people, with a maximum up to 150 users.

Twitter is also implementing the possibility to remove followers without blocking them. Again, a feature that is present on Instagram. All this, in addition, while the company works on the long-awaited button to edit tweets, which could arrive in the coming months.