Ugreen iPhone support review: what it takes for Zoom and FaceTime

Video communication has always been an iPhone strength, but over the past few months due to the pandemic with the obligation or need to work and study from home, the Apple phone has taken on even greater relevance in this area. . To make the most of this function, but also to watch movies or simply hold the iPhone off a desk, what you need is a table stand like that of Ugreen.

The Ugreen accessory is certainly not the only one of its kind on the market, but it is one of the most popular as can be seen from the reviews you see at the bottom of its page on Amazon. Once you take it in your hand you understand that in an intuitive way that it is a product of excellent quality.

Firstly it is made of anodized aluminum alloy in dark gray color; the weight is relatively modest even if not entirely irrelevant. This is because the aluminum plates that compose it are of a generous thickness, as are the arms. When the holder is folded, it takes up very little space: the “humps” of the section of the holder that is intended to hold the smartphone protrude by only about half a centimeter. In the parts that are in contact with the surface of the table or with the telephone there are soft plastic inserts that avoid both scratching the surfaces on which they rest, and the risk of slipping.

The thickness of the Ugreen support The anti-slip element Here is the ideal position for use

Mechanically, the accessory gives the impression of being extremely robust. The joints offer great resistance, much higher than what one would expect. Some force must be exerted to put the holder in place and also to adjust it. From this perspective, joints that are easier to adjust would be preferable, but this would mean in the long term a reduction in the ability of the support to remain firm. In the case of Ugreen's support it is difficult not to think that there will still be an easing of the resistance offered by the pivots, but the impression is the initial starting point if you set this event much later. In addition, once placed correctly, it becomes practically impossible to overturn the holder and the phone together.

The support as mentioned is very simple in its structure but made with a certain care and foresight from the point of view of ergonomics. It has a recess in the lower part to pass the charging cable and is adjustable in various positions; the most natural one is with an inclination useful for viewing the screen while seated. In this way we will be able to use the smartphone for communication while keeping our hands free or to watch a movie. Theoretically it is also possible to have the phone perfectly perpendicular to the surface thanks to the very sturdy joint.

The cable is not a hindrance Here is a video display Also useful for iPad mini

We also carried out some tests with an iPad mini, a device that Ugreen considers compatible with the support and in fact there are no problems in any of the positions. It is likely that even with a larger iPad the stand will resist the same and stability will be the same, although an iPad larger than the mini may require more accurate positioning to prevent the tablet from falling to one side or the other. .

Using the support it becomes possible to use the iPhone, any smartphone or tablet for video communication or to watch a film. Ideally, it is also possible to put the support in the kitchen to accompany the execution of a recipe that we found on the Internet or always for video communication; thanks to the adjustable inclination on various positions it becomes possible to use the camera to frame even a person who is standing.

In conclusion, the support of Ugreen, also in function of its very modest price (only € 13.99) represents an excellent system to use the iPhone or any other phone in an ergonomic way and also an iPad mini for FaceTime, Zoom, Skype or any other software. It is sturdy, well designed, when folded it can easily end up in a drawer or even in your pocket. The price is slightly higher than that of other competing products but the quality still makes it a really attractive product.

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