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Until March 31, it will be possible to activate Vodafone Internet Unlimited: Fiber and unlimited calls for 24.90 euros per month

Vodafone has extended to March 31 the possibility of activating the “Vodafone Internet Unlimited ” fixed network offer . The promotion, consisting of internet connection also in FTTH and unlimited calls , has a monthly cost of € 24.90 and can be activated both online and in stores .

To join the promotion, simply go to this site, where first of all it will be indicated to the future customer which type of network covers his municipality of residence ( Fiber FTTH, Mixed Fiber Copper FTTC or ADSL). Beyond the available network technology, Internet Unlimited provides, remember, unlimited internet connection with Vodafone Station included. In the event that the online promotion is activated, unlimited calls to everyone are also provided national landline and mobile network numbers (in shops, as well as the internet, the customer will be able to use pay-as-you-go calls).

Finally, to all customers who activate this offer, Vodafone will provide a data SIM with 1 Giga of data traffic every month . Furthermore, in the case of FTTC and FTTH technologies , the Wi-Fi Optimizer software is also provided, which will optimize the performance of the wireless connection.

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