Vodafone pampers its customers with FWA offers: free monthly GBs increase

Vodafone has just introduced an interesting novelty for its current customers, at least for those who have activated one of its offers Fixed Wireless Access ) , with a limited data traffic bundle.

The offer in question is called Vodafone Casa Wireless New + and customers who have activated it will be able to benefit from the expected increase in monthly data traffic : we are talking about 500 GB available every month, compared to the 200 GB previously available. Of these, 200 GB will be available at the maximum browsing speed provided for the area in which you reside. Everything does not include any additional cost for the Vodafone customers involved.

The novelty is currently being proposed to customers who have activated the Vodafone Casa Wireless New + offer by 12 December 2020 . Below you will find the text of the SMS with which Vodafone is communicating the news:

Dear customer, finally free to surf without worries with the GigaNetwork FWA: from today your offer increases to 500 Giga per month at no additional cost. What do you have to do? NOTHING! He has thought of everything Vodafone, you just have to enjoy your gift.