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Watch Gabriel Boric's reaction to receiving 'Pokémon' gifts from a Japanese minister

Gabriel Boric Font, who will soon become the future ruler of Chile; has received a curious gift from the Japanese Foreign Minister, Kiyoshi Odawara. What is it about? Well, from an interesting stuffed toy of Squirtle. Best of all, the president-elect's reaction has been recorded on video, and he himself has posted it on his Twitter account.

In the video we can see Gabriel Boric receiving the gift from Kiyoshi Odawara. At first glance it seems to be a fairly large box, and inside it the president-elect found, to his surprise, a pokeball . Best of all, inside the object was Squirtle, one of the most iconic Pokémon in the franchise. The president, of course, receives him with great enthusiasm. Who would not?

“Many thanks!” were Boric's words upon receiving the curious gift from the Japanese dignitary. The most interesting thing about the situation is that a few months ago a Twitter user asked the current president-elect about which was her favorite Pokémon . To this, Gabriel Boric responded with “Squirtle always“. Now, her dreams of owning one have come true. Without a doubt, a very curious and pleasant gesture on the part of the Japanese government; who also appointed a Pokémon as ambassador of his country in 2021.

For his part, Gabriel Boric, who is barely 36 years old, will become the youngest president in the history of Chile. Tomorrow, March 11, the future president of the Latin American country will finally take office.

Gabriel Boric, a Millennial in power

The elected president of Chile is no stranger to the geek world. On his Twitter account, Gabriel Boric used to comment on his likes before he considered running for president of the country. In fact, in a 2013 tweet, he claimed that “GTA and Age of Empires” were his favorite games at the time

In addition, the gift of the representation of Japan has been received positively by the rest of the Internet; racking up quotes and replies on the president's tweet. Other users have started creating jokes and memes based on the gift, joking that this is what a Millennial president looks like . However, other comments assure that it is a mockery by the Japanese government due to the “inexperience and youth” of the ruler. However, it is clear that anything on Twitter is capable of causing polarizing responses; and of course this was not going to be the exception.

For its part, the gift was delivered during a meeting between leaders and foreign representatives who have been invited to the inauguration of Gabriel Boric. For this reason, the president received a lot of other more ceremonial gifts; and others that were out of the norm, like this Squirtle stuffed animal.

The Japanese foreign minister present at the meeting is only one of the 16 representatives who will meet with Boric before the inauguration. The solemn act will take place in the Congress, a place located in the coastal city of Valparaíso. Likewise, the international delegates will salute the outgoing president , Sebastián Piñera; to then go to a dinner offered by the latter at the Palacio de La Moneda, located in Santiago, the capital of the country.

According to El País Uruguay, Boric will lead “ a feminist government with 14 women and 10 men; where the person who will have the most power within the future cabinet will be the independent doctor Izkia Siches.” Siches, in turn, would be the first woman to hold the position of Minister of the Interior in Chile, a more than applaudable achievement.