What is Earth 2, the project that aims to create a “second Earth” from scratch (video)

In recent weeks, it is impossible not to have come into contact with Earth 2 : many articles and videos on YouTube have appeared on the net regarding this very particular project which, citing its creators, “Is the beginning of the future virtual existence of our world” .

Put simply, Earth 2 is nothing more than a 1: 1 digital version of our planet , divided into lots of squares of the size of 10 x 10 meters . These are freely purchasable by users , who can then exchange or resell them at a higher price. As in the “real world”, the Earth 2 tile market follows the laws of supply and demand : the more a certain place is required, perhaps due to the presence of important monuments, the easier it will be to resell the boxes and their cost will be high .

The “base” cost for the plots of land is $ 0.10 , but it is not difficult to come across boxes that require a much higher economic outlay: at the moment, the ranking of the most expensive nations sees Vatican City in first place , whose price per tile is about $ 15 , followed by United States , South Korea and Italy . However, the development of Earth 2 follows several phases: now we are only at Phase 1 , which is precisely the one that allows the trading of boxes .

The future of this project, according to its developers, is to create a virtual reality in which the “players” can build in the areas they have purchased, collect resources and trade , in a similar way to what is seen in Ready Player One . The doubts about Earth 2 are still many and very legitimate: unfortunately, between those who see us as a big scam and those who are the new frontier of cryptocurrencies, it is difficult to find the right balance about all this and all that remains is to rely on the promises of the developers .