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WhatsApp Business will have a paid subscription and these are some of its news

WhatsApp will get on the bandwagon of paid subscriptions. At the moment, yes, only in the Business variant, which is used by businesses and companies to maintain contact with customers. So says WABetaInfo, which was able to find evidence of membership in a beta of the Android app. Of course, this version will come with exclusive features for those who are willing to open the wallet.

According to the aforementioned medium, WhatsApp Premium, as the soptional subscription is currently known, will allow up to 10 devices to be linked to the same account . This proposal, of course, will be possible thanks to the multi-device function that was only introduced during 2021 on the entire platform. The service will also allow each team to be named in order to distinguish them and facilitate their management.

Another novelty has to do with the links. Currently, WhatsApp Business allows you to generate and share links whose purpose is to redirect users to a specific chat. With WhatsApp Premium, however, it will be possible to create unique and personalized links. For example: This way, businesses could add their brand to the links, making them easier to remember. If for any reason you wish to modify the link, you will have to wait a period of 90 days after making the last change.

At the moment, these are the only known features of WhatsApp Premium. Surely with the passing of the weeks we will know more details, since the functions of the subscription are still under development.

Due to the above, it is difficult to predict when those interested will be able to subscribe to the Premium version of WhatsApp Business. An issue that also remains to be known is its price, since this could mark the success or failure of the proposal —together with the available features, of course—.

WhatsApp wants to monetize

Although it is true that WhatsApp depends on one of the technology companies with the greatest economic power in the world (Meta), they have never stopped their idea of ​​generating income on their own. A few years ago there was even talk that the service could start showing ads, but it didn't take long for the plan to be scrapped.

Nowadays, it seems difficult for WhatsApp to bet on ads. The reason? Platforms like iOS and Android make it increasingly difficult when it comes to collecting personal data that allows displaying targeted advertising. However, with the company led by Mark Zuckerberg, nothing can ever be ruled out. For now, the way they plan to earn revenue is through WhatsApp Business users.